Video services offered by LOUDCO-HD

LOUDCO-HD is prepared to help you with every step of your post production requirements. We can handle most popular broadcast and pro-sumer media formats and offer full NLE & motion graphics development capabilities. With our service partners we can even arrange the shoot for you!


LOUDCO-HD offers Non Linear Video Editing in all formats from SD 480i right up to HD 1080p and all formats in between. Our recently acquired ADK Juggernaut HD NLE uses the Blackmagic Decklink HD Extreme 3D capture card allowing for ingestion of virtually every video format and connection type on the market including composite & component video, Y/C, single & dual link SDI, HDMI & FireWire, and includes support and connections for future formats such as 3D.

The Blackmagic Media Express capture utility allows for cross conversion and scaling during capture between all formats, adding or removing letterboxing, pillarboxing, 3:2 pulldown, scaling anamorphic frame sizes, and changing frame rates. It can scale 480i inputs to 720p & 1080p formats and everything in between while supporting XLR/AES/EBU audio connections.

Our studio currently uses a DVCPro50 AJ-SD93 for the majority of our work, while we keep a DSR MD20 DVCAM deck and a PVW1800 Betacam deck around just in case.

LOUDCO-HD uses the full suite of Adobe Production Premium CS5 software for our projects and our HD workstation is an Adobe certified build. We use Photoshop and Illustrator for graphics, Premiere Pro for NLE, After Effects for compositing and motion graphics integration, Audition for audio correction, Encore for disc mastering and Media Encoder for other formats.

Making full use of the Dynamic Link feature of the software suite, sequences are transferred between applications without the need for intermediary renders, preserving quality and saving time, ultimately getting you a better product at a lower cost.”

No matter what the project was shot in or what it needs to be deployed in, you can trust LOUDCO-HD to make you look good!