Video services offered by LOUDCO-HD

LOUDCO-HD is prepared to help you with every step of your post production requirements. We can handle most popular broadcast and pro-sumer media formats and offer full NLE & motion graphics development capabilities. With our service partners we can even arrange the shoot for you!


It is often said, “What matters is what’s on the inside” but for your project the outside matters just as much! LOUDCO-HD takes exceptional pride in the visual appearance of your produced media and packaging.

Our BravoPro Xi robotic printer loads the discs, prints them at up to 4800 dpi, print to hub full bleed, then loads the finished disc into an output hopper. It can process 100 discs at a time unattended, and takes about 3 hours per 100 unit run.

Typically we create the artwork in PS or AI for maximum image control, then load the image file into the printers image handling system in an uncompressed format to preserve maximum quality throughout the process.

For CD/DVD trap sheets and inserts we use a HP 2550 color LaserJet 4 CMYK printer for high volume and precise image placement with 100% bleed printing. Again the artwork is created in PS or AI and printed directly out of the application for maximum quality.

The printer supports all of the common packaging elements we use such as glossy trap sheets, DVD inserts, CD tray and cover inserts. If you wish to create any of the artwork we can supply you with templates for PS or your favorite imaging program.

For custom print jobs with special or difficult to handle media LOUDCO-HD has a HP 9650 wide format color Inkjet printer. This printer is capable of printing all sizes up to 11” x 17” full bleed, or 13” x 19” bordered. It can also print a banner 13” wide and 10 feet long!

LOUDCO-HD also has a scanner with a document feeder and 35mm slide adaptor.

Once we’re done making your project look as good as it can be, let us help you make the wrapper just as inviting!