Video services offered by LOUDCO-HD

LOUDCO-HD is prepared to help you with every step of your post production requirements. We can handle most popular broadcast and pro-sumer media formats and offer full NLE & motion graphics development capabilities. With our service partners we can even arrange the shoot for you!


We’ve worked tireless together to produce your masterpiece, pulled a couple all-nighters and made sure every detail is perfect. Now we need 1000 copies of it.

LOUDCO-HD is equipped to handle duplication jobs both small and large (and huge!) across most common popular media formats including CD/DVD/BDR & Memory Stick/Card. Produced the content yourself? No problem, we can handle the duplication and packaging for you!

We have a 10 target CD/DVD burner for duplication jobs and soon to join the fleet will be a 16 target Super burner that will handle all current disc formats including DVD-DL & BDR. Typical daily throughputs range from 1000+ CD’s to 750+ DVD’s to 250+ BDR’s (assuming a full disc capacity job).

LOUDCO-HD uses only top quality commercial grade print to hub Taio Yuden (JVC) WaterShield media. We have enjoyed great success with this media for the past 4 years, producing very few coasters. Our robotic printer has never mispicked a TYWS, although we have found other brands tend to stick together and cause picking errors.

Our robotic printer uses direct to disc inkjet printing with resolutions up to 4800 dpi. Combined with the TYWS media it truly brings your artwork to life and results in a water resistant smudge proof glossy image that rivals silk screening or thermal print processes, for substantially lower per disc costs.

We will package your discs to your specifications, offering choices ranging from paper window envelopes, slimline jewel cases, full size CD cases with front and/or back inserts to full sized poly DVD cases with full bleed trap sheet and insert if desired. Plastic packaging and shrink wrap are also available options.

For memory sticks/card we have a 21 target USB duplicator. This unit is run connected to a laptop that allows for various options not possible on a standalone burner including md5 checksum verification for duplication accuracy. Using card reader adaptors we have also burned content to CF & SD cards.

No job is too big or too small to benefit from our professional duplication services. It truly is the icing on the cake for your project.