Video services offered by LOUDCO-HD

LOUDCO-HD is prepared to help you with every step of your post production requirements. We can handle most popular broadcast and pro-sumer media formats and offer full NLE & motion graphics development capabilities. With our service partners we can even arrange the shoot for you!

AUTOplay Application Development

Getting content into the hands of your end users is fairly easy these days. Presenting your content the way you want it presented is another thing. LOUDCO-HD specializes in custom application and autorun menu design for distribution on CD/DVD/BDR & Memory Stick.

Click here for important information about recent changes to Windows operating systems that directly affect autorun applications on memory sticks.

Create software installers, document browsers, interactive presentations and training resources. End users simply insert the disc into their optical drive and the fully interactive menu is automatically launched.

Naturally you have full artistic control of the look, feel and functionality of the application. Virtually every design element can be edited to ensure your own unique branding is at the forefront, and your company logos and color palettes are respected.

Users can navigate through menus and view your content via buttons with visual and audio feedback.

Buttons can be linked to documents, PDF’s, slideshows, videos, weblinks, email clients and virtually any other type of content that runs natively on Windows operating systems from WIN98SE to present. Have content that needs a certain program to be viewed in? We can include an installer package right on the disc.

Do you have content that changes or is updated frequently such as regulatory documents? We have an update process that checks for a newer version each time the application is run, notifies the user if an update is available, downloads and installs it. There is even an application to have the user register the receipt of the update.

If you want your end users to have access to the application independently of the optical media or memory stick, we have web based delivery options that install your application directly to their computer. If you can dream it, we can build it, and deploy it into the hands of your users and then track their usage of it.

Although we develop primarily for Windows we do have a MAC based solution as well.