• Video services offered by LOUDCO-HD

    LOUDCO-HD is prepared to help you with every step of your post production requirements. We can handle most popular broadcast and pro-sumer media formats and offer full NLE & motion graphics development capabilities. With our service partners we can even arrange the shoot for you!

  • AUTOPlay application development

    LOUDCO-HD specializes in custom application and autorun menu design to present your content to your end users the way you want them to see and use it. Create software installers, document browsers, interactive presentations and training resources with full control of the look, feel and function.

  • LOUDCO-HD duplication services

    LOUDCO-HD is equipped with high volume duplication equipment to handle your deployment when the time comes. We can handle low or high volume CD/DVD and memory stick duplication. We also do on-disc printing and packaging including DVD trap sheets or CD inserts. Shrink wrapping is available.

  • LOUDCO-HD printing services

    LOUDCO-HD has a number of specialty printers for every part of your job including a high volume color LaserJet, a wide format color InkJet and a robotic on-disc printer. We can supply you with templates to create your own artwork or do it for you!

  • Equipment for rent from LOUDCO-HD

    LOUDCO-HD has a small line of theatrical fabrics for rental use including a 50’ x 24’ seamless muslin cyclorama and 10 white spandex 12” truss socks. Both are made of IFR fabrics and ship with full fire protection documentation. We also offer some of our equipment on a rental basis.

  • Equipment for sale from LOUDCO-HD
    For Sale

    LOUDCO-HD is committed to maintaining its fleet of equipment as up-to-date as possible and from time to time will offer used equipment for sale. Equipment sales are final and will include the balance of a factory warranty where applicable. We’ll include original packaging, manuals, and accessories.

Digitize Media

Analog media comes in many forms. It is, essentially, any type of media that exists on tape, on film, on paper or any other physical form. The problem with analog media is it is susceptible to damage and degradation over time. Unless you are storing your tapes and photos in a temperature and humidity controlled vault, your precious memories such as irreplaceable baby photos, graduation or wedding videos, and pictures from that great road trip are wasting away.

Film and tape formats degrade over time as they succumb to background radiation that can cause video noise, and humidity fluctuations that can cause the tape to stick to itself. Probably the biggest issue with these formats is how quickly they become obsolete. Consider the ubiquitous VHS player, once the staple of over 75% of North American homes, first introduced in the early 1970’s it enjoyed a 25 year reign before DVD players became affordable in the mid 1990’s. How many VCR’s exist today, outside of landfills at least?

DVD players held market dominance for only about 10 years until Blu-Ray started becoming more popular around 2005 and 4K Blu-Ray is expected to be widely available in 2016. New formats are emerging more quickly and remaining viable for shorter periods.

Future proof your precious memories by allowing me to turn them into a digital format that will provide you with the security of knowing they cannot degrade, the convenience of being able to share them with almost anyone and the flexibility to be able to enjoy them for years to come even as playback technologies change.

Contact me today using the form below and we can discuss your project!